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With a small group of like-minded seekers at my church, I have begun a study/discipline to see how to incorporate the eightfold path into my life. We all felt we had read and talked enough, now we needed to find practices that worked for each of us. So far my practice has been mainly to read a little Buddhist philosophy before bed as a sort of meditation. We are meeting monthly and trying to work on one step at a time. This will be our second month on step one, though. We felt we needed more time.

We have joked that if we stay on schedule we should all achieve enlightenment by next summer. *g*

Anyway, I wrote this to the group this morning:

I am still amazed at how complex the first step is! "Realistic Perception" seems like an entire discipline in itself. Besides the Noble Truths, it includes things I've been working on more or less my whole life, like remembering to see things from other people's point of view, or reminding myself I am not the center of the universe-- things like that. Little mantras I've kept in my back pocket for years, like "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by ignorance (or incompetence)" feed into Right View. The whole discipline of not deluding yourself into thinking things are a certain way, either because you desire them to be that way or because your own lifetime of habits has led you to always wear certain lenses. This is stuff I've always dealt with and never necessarily mastered, and it's just the first step!
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